Sunday, January 3, 2016

Auto Glass Replacement Using The Best Materials

Auto Glass: OEM Vrs. After Market

This is a question that comes up a lot for consumers when they are concerned about having a quality job done, especially as they look into the industry more closely.  There are some auto glass replacement shops that totally focus on price and cut corners where ever they can.  One of the biggest national retail windshield replacement chains (I won't mention their name) who also own an insurance network, manufactures their own after market glass.  I have never met a glass technician who liked to install this company's windshields if they were honest about it.  The glass would often not fit the car pinch weld we were supposed to adhere the windshield to.  The fit was so bad sometimes the windshield would break during installation as the technician was trying to make the glass fit.  The glass was cheap enough though that if a few broke it was still cheaper to use their glass even if you had to eat a few broken ones.

For the consumer's however sometimes the damage did not happen until weeks or months down the road.  Consumers that purchase auto glass from shops that use this glass complained that they were driving down the road with no cars in either direction and the windshield just cracked all of a sudden for no apparent reason.  There were no rocks flying that hit the glass.  The recent auto glass replacement just decided to break on its own.

This is what we call a "stress crack" in the industry.  This comes from the windshield not fitting the vehicle during installation.  Enough stress or pressure had to be exerted onto the glass to get it to fit and adhere properly, but not so much that the glass broke during installation.  But that pressure is a crack waiting to happen when the temperature changes enough of the car hits that perfect bump in the road and them BAM! there goes the glass!

What Is An OEM Auto Glass

Out of the many auto glass manufacturers only some have contracts to supply glass for any of the new car manufacturers.  These glass manufacturers who do are required by the auto manufacturers as well as some government entities to meet certain increased standards of quality.  These companies not only sell their glass to the new car manufacturers but make it available to the after market as well.  Because of the higher quality standards the price is a bit higher.  These auto glass manufacturers who sell at least some of their glass to new car manufacturers are called Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEM.  Their after market glass comes out of the same factories and meet the same quality standards as the glass they sell for new automobiles.  This glass fits much better, and is usually thicker and just generally of better quality.

Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards

Your windshield is an important safety factor in your vehicle now days.  The industry has two certifications.  One is by the National Glass Association or NGA, and the other is the Auto Glass Safety Council or AGSC.  Glass shops whose technicians are certified have proven that they know how to install auto glass properly.  But you should still look for reviews and the shops reputation to make sure that they follow these standards.

Best Windshield Replacement Shops

Finding a good auto glass replacement shop can be a challenge.  This is why we always recommend people get some sort of a referral from a friend and then look at the company's reviews online to see what other people's experience has been.  If you live in Salt Lake City Utah we always recommend Salt Lake City Windshield Replacement & Repair.  We have found them to be the best Auto Glass Replacement shop in the Salt Lake City area.  Not only are their technicians certified by both of the above entities, they have a great local reputation.  And they only use OEM glass.

Well I hope that this article has helpful.  Again in whatever city you are in make sure the the auto glass company that you choose follows these industry best standards and you will usually be very happy with your results.